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Supplemental Material



Memo Report (Same as Quiz2)

Final : Error Correction (Same as Quiz 1)

Argumentative Essay

Final Exam


Passive voice

Grammar Key

Grammar Key Explained

You are no longer required to find irrelevant sentences in your proofreading.

Privatising Power Companies



Beach Cleanups

Flash Floods

Writing Process

Writing Process

Introducing Memo Rpts

Making Outlines

Modal : Motorway Plan

Additional Material

Memo Rpt.


Modal Example

Original Passage : Nuclear Powerplant

The End

Introducing Essays

When writing essays, it is important to remember that the language you chose is essential to proving your point. Adjectives and adverbs weakend your statement, while strong, clear verbs and descriptions of outcomes or consequences that can be measured help.

Introducing Essays ( pt.2)

Modal: Snacking

Modal: Women's rights



The Women's Rights essay fails to include a title at the top of the essay in the tutorial video. This will cause at least a 2 point reduction in your marks.

Opposing Facts & Refutations

Presentation Example: Women's Rights (for L&S)