Final Exam

Your Final Exam will have three things:

  Proofreading   ( 30 marks )

         Memo Report ( 70 marks )

     Argumentative Essay  ( 50 marks )

Video Lectures For Argumentative Essay

The first two video lectures cover the basic principles and important ideas. The 3rd video shows a demonstration of writing an actual essay.

Video lecture: Introducing Essays!     (key concepts, debatable vs. non-debatable, etc.)

Video lecture: Introducing Essays, part 2.  (key concepts, facts & refutations, etc.)

 Video lecture:  Example Essay Writing : Snacking                   ( document )

 Video lecture:  Example Essay Writing : Female Rights                 ( document )

Important:  The video above fails to include a title for the Essay. You should always remember to use a title for your essay, and place it aove your introductory paragraph. The title can be stylised like a catchy slogan.

NEW :   lecture material on dropbox!

The following video is not necessary for the class, and should only be viewed for curiosity. 

Essay Writing / Lecture from year 2011.  This is an old legacy lecture.

Vocabulary Review :  There is no vocbulary test in English IV, but these words appear in reading passages and data interpretation exercises frequently.

    puzzle ( All words ) : vocabulary words ( page 55 & data interpretation based )

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