The following lectures will cover the data interpretation chapters in your book. Please keep in mind that the pages referenced in the videos may not match the current book that you are using.   These videos should not replace your study time, nor classroom lecture time. These are meant to supplement and further ehance your learning.

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Data Interpretation Video Tutorials ( Modal examples of four different styles of graphs )

    Video :Data Interpretation Vocabulary  ( Charts & Graphs )

  Video : Data Interpretation :  Bar  Graph             ( the original graph )

 Video : Data Interpretation : Pie Graph  (1 pie )             ( the original graph )

 Video : Data Interpretation : Pie Graph ( 2 pies )               ( the original graph )

  Video :  Data Interpretation :   Line Graph For Trends    ( the original graph )  


Reading Passage Lecture : The difference between the mid-term reading passage and the Q1 passage is that the mid-term reading passage requires you to answer four questions. 

      Mid-term Reading Passage  (  Lecture 1 )

 Video    Miid-term Reading Passage ( Lecture 2 

Vocabulary Review :  There is no vocbulary test in English IV, but these words appear in reading passages and data interpretation exercises frequently.

    puzzle ( Set A ) : ODD # vocabulary words ( page 55 & data interpretation based )

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