Quiz 1

 More lecture material on dropbox.


Reading Passage Example:  Thai Companies & Cost Savings.  

(lecture video)     (original passage)   (example 1)  ( example 2)  

 Download the word document & pdf.  Review the information as you are watching the video.

Reading Passage : Example  ( EM-Balls )

 (example writings & original passage)    ( original passage with highlights)

Video tutorials:   Reading Comprenhension

   Reading Passage Tips & Tricks - part 1

   Topic Sentences - Topic Sentences, Keywords & Traps

   Keywords (pt2), citing sources, and careful reading - For English 3 and 4

    The Writing Process (General Info) - For English 3 and 4

Video tutorials:   Proofreading

First, download the .pdf documents, then try correcting mistakes. Finally, look at the proofreading video tutorial.

 Proofreading : Power Companies      Notice, there is a mistake in the passage in the last sentence. Ability is printed twice “ability ability” which was missed by me when I first created this lecture.  It would be considered an additional mistake in real life.

  Proofreading : Toyota Cars                

  Proofreading : Earthquake                

  Proofreading : Beach Cleanups                

Proofreading : Train Companies      

 (Proofreading : Tennis Courtsiding   

  Proofreading : Mr. Wallace                 

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