Quiz 2 

Memo Report Writing

DropBox (additional study material for quiz II)

  Ministries of Thailand :  Become familiar with these organisations.

Memo Report Video Lectures

For maximium benefit, please print the documents for each video lecture so you can more easily follow along with the tutorial.

     Additional Video Tutorials to Assist your understanding 

     1  Video Lecture: Memo Report Introduction :  Key Concepts.  Watch this video first in order to understand the basic concepts of memo report writing.  

IMPORTANT:   The video refers to page 134. The page has since changed to page 174 & 175 in the new book

     2      Video Lecture: Memo Report Step-by-Step :  Key Concepts, further explained.  

                                                      Modal           Original Passage

 3  OUTLINING : How to write an outline   

                                                     Original Passage      Outline      Modal

       Video Lecture Example Report Writing : Bang Pa-in Phra Nakhon Ratchasima Motorway Plan   


                 5  Video Lecture: Report Writing Example #

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