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FINAL EXAM : (3 parts)

Argumentative Essay : 50 marks
Introducing Argumentative Essays
Introducing Essays Pt. 2
  Essay Example: Snacking
  Essay Example: Women's Rights
IMPORTANT: The example video fails to include a title. You should always include a title.
Memo Report (from quiz 2) : 70 marks

Thailand's Administrative Ministries:
It is important for you to memorise the major ministries that handel various jobs in the government. These are similar to other governments.
ntroducing Memo Report Writing
  Memo Report Writing: Step-by-Step Example(Nuclear Power Plant)

NOTICE: The video refers to page 134, whic has now changed to page 174/175 of your book.
How to write an Outline
  Example Writing: Bang Pa-in Moterway Plan
Additional Materials
Proofreading (from Quiz 1) : 30 marks

  Toyota Cars
  Beach Cleanups
  Flash Floods
Mr. Wallace